Our 50 trucks, 60 trailers and 50 of our skilled drivers are available for you 24/7 around the year. We at Auto-Diesel understand that the production and transportation of goods is a mechanism that never stops. We are a reliable part of it.

Our Fleet consists of the latest Scania Trucks, not older than 3 years. Our Joloda Trailers, with a specially developed system for the transportation of paper, as well as Curtain trailers with a length of 13.6 meters. We carry up to 25 Tones on 91square meters with a capacity for 33-24 Euro type Pallets. A Trained and responsible driver ensures punctuality, a safe delivery and a problem free loading and unloading. The reliability our Scania fleet ensures our own Service and the Guaranty of Scania, assuring a mobile service and a replacement vehicle if needed.

Auto-diesel is transporting goods a cross Poland, as well as international. We understand that transportation is not just moving goods form point to point, but a series of processes. planning out orders, gathering documentations, organization of means of transport. We can help and advice in all those aspects. Thanks to our open minded approach and availability we can deal with All “ unusual” situations.

Transportation of Paper

The transportation of paper is a specialization that Auto-diesel has brought to perfection. We have all needed permissions and are transporting this valuable material in specially designed trailers with a JOLODA system.

The Joloda System consists of four Rails mounted in the trailers bed allowing A trained driver to lift the Cargo above the trailers floor and move it back and forth. This mechanism allows us to unload the delivery in places where the unloading form the side would be impossible due to lack of space. The process of loading and unloading is reduced by 30%, and gives us the possibility of loading an item up to 8 tones.

We are also transporting Waste Paper. We have the permission for transporting waste and are registered in the BDO. We can carry up to 25 tones on 34 euro type pallets on 91 square meters. Our Drivers has been trained and approaches his tasks with great responsibility


The reliability of our fleet is guaranteed by our own workshop. Our mechanics have a complementary knowledge and years of experience. Our workshop is also available to you.

Auto-Diesel focuses on maintaining and servicing trucks and trailers of such brands as Scania, Daf, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, and more. We offer regular service and maintenance as well as general overhauls, computer diagnostics, replacement of brakes, clutches, oils and filters, rebuilds of engines and transmissions.

Our Experience allows us to work on older vehicles as well as on the latest models. We have a modern and a well-equipped shop.