About us

is transporting goods on the roads of Poland and Europe since 1992.

It is not an coincidence that we provide our services for over 25 years. From the begin in 1992 when Auto-Diesel was founded, till this day, we have had the same goal, the same idea the same motivation.

We are trying with great effort to enhance the security of transportation, expand the range, and approach every order with the same enthusiasm. We are approaching your order individually and we are always available for you. 25 years of operations proves that those are not just empty words.


Over the years we have specialized in the transport of a material that requires a lot of knowledge, attention, dedicated certifications and most of all ,the right equipment. Paper and its Waste.

Today, Auto Diesel is proudly operating modern Joloda trailers, that guarantee the safe transportation in dry conditions, and easy and fast unloading, regardless of the space available. Our professional staff cares for its safety. Safety is for us the Key, it has been since our beginning. We invest in the best and newest fleet and technology available. One reason why we exchange out trucks every 3 years.

We run our own Repair shop that keeps our trucks and trailers in a top condition. We expect the unexpected, that’s why we have a mobile service and fleet of replacement trucks available. We are prepared for every circumstances.

Today, Auto-Diesel is made of 50 drivers, mechanics, office staff, and customer support agents. We have 50 trucks and 60 trailer on the roads of Europe and the World each day. We know that we will keep expanding, and we are confident, that our engagement, our knowledge, and our skills will lead us through the next 25 years.


From the beginning of Auto-Diesel, the Safety our clients goods was our top concern and priority. Today, we have brought this aspect to perfection.

First off, each and every one of our trucks and trailers, even if not older than 3 years , is check toughly for any potential faults. Our Professional workshop makes this possible. We also have a mobile service available that will help in case of an emergency regardless of the location. In worst case, we provide a replacement vehicle within 24H that will deliver you goods.

We are aware that unexpected situations can occur, we are prepared for them. we gained the trust of our clients. That proves our professional approach, or ability to adopt. And our professionality.